RCT Racing

Wellcome to my site.

The aim of this site is to share my enthusiasm for r/c cars. You will find all the custom parts I've made in the Kazi's workshop section, some of them have been made for my own cars and the other ones have been made for r/c companies and hobby shops.

In the kazi's paint jobs section you will find most of the bodies I've painted, painting bodies is my second hobby related to r/c cars. 

You will also find r/c info that has been collected from the net, I've found this info interesting to share and have been given away by the original authors, you will fins paint masks, oaint templates, tips and links.

If you are willing to send more info that you want to share, feel free to send it to me by e-mail, all the help is welcome and I'm sure other people will thank you to share your knowledge.